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2024 Hospitality Trends: Fitness & Wellness Elevates Guest Experiences and Loyalty


These 2024  hospitality trends are driving a profound transformation driven by the demand for integrative fitness and wellness experiences. This paradigm shift is not merely about offering services, but about creating memorable experiences that improve guest experiences and foster guest loyalty.

We also feature a recent interview about the 2024 hospitality trends with Paul Bowman, CEO at Wexer, and Joe Berselli, Senior Director of Global Hospitality from Core Health and Fitness. Joe’s role at Core Health and Fitness is to position the company as leader in the global hospitality fitness industry.

See how microtrends are driving guest experiences in this article about how macro wellness trends are redefining fitness and wellness in hospitality, and learn how how these trends are crucial for building customer loyalty and enhancing the guest experience.

In the current hospitality climate, customer loyalty has emerged as the paramount factor. Enhancing the guest experience is pivotal in cultivating this loyalty. Incorporating diverse fitness and wellness options significantly elevates the guest experience, making their stay memorable and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion. Notably, 60% of hospitality content now prioritizes wellness, aligning with guests’ desires to relax and feel rejuvenated during their stay.

Today’s travelers expect more than just a comfortable bed. They seek a holistic experience that caters to relaxation, de-stressing, and fitness within their limited schedules. Short, efficient workouts, such as 30-minute sessions, are increasingly preferred. This trend has led to the adaptation of booking systems, offering greater customization with fitness and wellness experiences.

The hospitality industry is responding with strategies to deliver fitness and wellness solutions:

1. Upgraded Fitness Facilities

 Many hotels are reimagining their spaces, transforming traditional fitness areas and underutilized meeting rooms into dynamic wellness zones. For instance, some chains are converting meeting rooms into small group exercise spaces, perfectly catering to company meetings and travel needs. These spaces allow for higher utilization, with guests rotating workouts on equipment like the Stairmaster 4G, significantly increasing guest rotation compared to traditional treadmill facilities.

2. In-Room Fitness Options

The demand for privacy and convenience has spurred the growth of in-room fitness offerings. Hotels are now designing rooms with dedicated fitness corners, spanning 10-20 square feet, allowing guests to exercise in the privacy of their own space. This trend reflects a deeper understanding of guest preferences for personalized workout experiences.


The hotel room is not just a place you sleep, shower, eat, and work anymore. Guests want to relax, de-stress, and workout by consuming digital fitness and wellness content in the hotel or their room in 25 minutes or less.

~ Joe Berselli-Senior Director of Global Hospitality from Core Health and Fitness ~

3. Cultural Sensitivity and Personalization

Cultural differences play a crucial role in shaping fitness and wellness offerings. Hotels are increasingly tailoring their services to accommodate varying cultural needs, ensuring a more personalized and comfortable experience for all guests. This approach not only enhances guest satisfaction, but also reflects a commitment to inclusivity and respect for diverse backgrounds.

4. Technological Integration and Content Relevance

The integration of technology in fitness and wellness is a cornerstone of this transformation. Smart in-room technology, digital fitness content, and health-tracking devices are becoming standard amenities in modern hotels. These innovations offer guests seamless and customized wellness experiences at their fingertips.

Check out the 2024 Hospitality Trends and watch the interview with Paul and Joe to learn insightful and comprehensive analysis for the hospitality sector. The emphasis on enhancing guest experiences through personalized fitness and wellness offerings is a testament to the sector’s commitment to evolving with consumer preferences and technological advancements, ensuring not just customer satisfaction but also loyalty and advocacy.

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