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Wexer’s Exclusive Partnership with Australian Distributor NovoFit


Wexer, the leading provider of wellness content solutions, is pleased to announce the exclusive partnership with Novofit, Australian distributor of trusted fitness solutions. 

NovoFit provides customised fitness solutions and has access to global fitness brands for the commercial, wellness, performance and functional training markets in Australia and the Asia-Pacific markets. 

“This agreement with Wexer further cements our partnership and allows us to provide our current and future customers with the cutting edge digital solution they require. The Australian fitness market is booming at the moment and we understand what it takes to build a thriving and successful fitness business in today’s innovative and changing market.”

~ Daniel Waide, NovoFit COO ~

This exclusive partnership means NovoFit will have access to Wexer’s leading digital fitness solution and, for Wexer, the ability to help accelerate the digital transformation of the Australian fitness industry. 

“With this exclusive partnership we are able to reach more customers across the Australian market. We see huge potential in the market as more and more Australians are prioritising their health and are actively using digital content to improve their wellbeing.”  

~ Robert Louw, Wexer Chief Growth Officer ~

The  Australian market has been experiencing tremendous growth as our recent Australian fitness trend report highlighted. The industry generates more than $3 billion in revenue annually (Gitnux Market Data, 2023). Figures show there is a 34.7% user penetration in the Australian market, well above the industry average. The fitness industry is also expected to rise to 37.54% by 2028. (Statista, 2023) 

Following the recent partnership with Revo Fitness, Wexer has continued to increase their client base throughout Australia and the wider Asia Pacific(APAC) region. 

Working together with NovoFit helps to supply the digital wellness and fitness content demand in the Australian and APAC markets and supports the growth strategy of Wexer. 

Ready to learn how to take advanatage of of the Wexer and NovoFit partnership? Let us help you utilise your data, virtual technology, and AI to develop your fitness content strategy and provide the best content for your fitness facility. Email usINFO@WEXER.COM

About NovoFit

For 40 years, NovoFit has been maintaining long-term strategic partnerships wit the world’s best-in-class fitness brands, developing industry expertise, delivering state-of-the-art fitness facilities throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific(APAC) markets. 



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