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Fitness Evolution: Industry Trends and Best Practices  


Adam Lewit, Director at NovoFit, and Wexer CEO, Paul Bowman, examine the dynamic fitness evolution with his take on industry trends and best practices. He and Paul also discuss the significance of the Wexer and NovoFit partnership in this podcast.

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With a keen focus on the intricacies of running a successful fitness business, strategic insights for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs, and the revolutionary influence of cutting-edge technologies, Lewit imparts invaluable advice derived from years of firsthand experience. Covering everything from the meticulous process of constructing a fitness facility catering to individual customer needs to the pivotal significance of forging strategic partnerships, he provides a holistic perspective on the future of fitness.

Lewit discusses the evolution of the fitness industry by discussing key points: the importance of wellness and fitness technology on recovery, the impact of data and digital technology on workouts, and the benefits of the Wexer and NovoFit’s exclusive partnership for fitness businesses.

Evolution of Fitness Industry

1. Understand Demographics To Cater To Your Target Market

Understanding and catering to demographics emerges as a pivotal factor shaping the fitness industry, shedding light on nuances crucial for the success of a fitness facility. The common pitfalls observed among entrepreneurs who construct gyms based solely on their own personal preferences and workout styles underscores the need for a paradigm shift.

When envisioning the fitness of the future, there is a clear emphasis on comprehending the unique characteristics of their target audience and tailoring the fitness and wellness offerings accordingly. The significance of adopting a nuanced and thoughtful approach to fitness businesses lies making sure you have the right mix of products, services, programs, equipment and technology in your operation.

The call to open a fitness operation with a keen eye on the specific needs and desires of the community it aims to serve, resonates as a strategic cornerstone for long-term success in the fitness business. Recognizing the importance of tailoring fitness facilities to attract specific demographics is key to future success.


“You get customers that walk in and you’re talking about goals and needs. It’s not about selling the product, it’s around matching up solutions and taking them on a journey of outcome-based fitness.”

~ Adam Lewit, Director, NovoFit ~

2. Focus On Financial Health Of Fitness Businesses

Owners must have financial acumen to grasp the numbers and metrics to drive business success. This is above and beyond the usual daily operational concerns of gym owners. Many owners get into the fitness business based on their personal passion for fitness, but passion alone can’t make the business successful. Lewit and Bowman reveal the surprising lack of financial awareness among many gym operators and how it should be a wake-up call for aspiring entrepreneurs entering the industry.

They must focus on long range financial health and key industry financial metrics like the number of members, member retention, member attrition, new sales, and building membership dues and accounts payable. Owners can find many industry and fitness companies with the resources and guidance to help fitness business owners succeed.  

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t really know your purpose. You don’t really know how many members you need a week to keep your doors open.”

~ Adam Lewit, Director, NovoFit ~

Drawing a parallel with Adam Lewit’s personal journey, where he initially lacked commercial acumen, it resonates with the universal truth that passion alone cannot sustain a business. The guidance shifts towards a pragmatic approach, encouraging fitness professionals to prioritize financial health, likening it to managing the heart and nervous system of a business.

3. Digital Fitness Enhancement in the Future of Fitness 

The concept of “going digital and staying human,” means digital solutions need to enhance rather than replace the human element in fitness. Digital fitness offering allow personalized and virtual solutions that can expand the member experience, increase member satisfaction, and ultimately increase member retention. 

The multifaceted impact of digital fitness can expand class timetables, utilize facility space that would normally be unused, virtually expand your workouts to more users, facilitate individualized training experiences, and provide members access when they want it and how they want it. Instead of replacing instructors, digital solutions complement human expertise, allowing for personalized guidance and technique-focused interactions on their own time schedule.

 This further underscores the symbiotic relationship between digital tools and human instructors, amplifying the fitness journey for individuals.

Your fitness journey is no longer the just four walls of your facility. So, as an operator, I need to figure out a way to create more touch points outside of those four walls.”

~  Adam Lewit, Director, NovoFit ~

4. Integration of Fitness and Wellness Technology

Technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing wellness and recovery strategies, offering valuable insights and data to enhance their effectiveness. The integration of smart watches and other fitness and wellness tracking devices provides a comprehensive understanding of individual recovery and health needs, delving into factors such as sleep quality and heart rate variability.

This personalized approach aligns with the overarching objective of optimizing each person’s total fitness and wellness journey for their overall well-being. It is crucial to view the integration of technology in recovery not as a standalone solution but as a complementary element. By enabling users to achieve optimal results while minimizing the risk of over-training or burnout, technology becomes an essential component in the quest for balanced and effective fitness practices.

5. The Importance Of Strategic Fitness Partnerships

The future of fitness is no longer confined to the traditional model, but has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem where collaborations and strategic alliances play a pivotal role. When considering the fitness of the future, focusing on the interconnected nature of various components ensures the overall health and success of an enterprise. 

Partnerships between fitness equipment and technology companies exemplify the practical application of partners with complementary strengths and expertise. By reaching out to the partnerships, fitness businesses can thrive with the education and guidance. Strategic alliances are not merely advantageous, but imperative for sustained growth and innovation in the future of fitness.

The collaborative approach provides valuable guidance for fitness industry players looking to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving fitness landscape. 

The Impact Of the Wexer & NovoFit Partnership On The Future of Fitness

Partnerships like Wexer and NovoFit will help to provide the resources and optimal solutions to enhance the overall fitness business ecosystem. The principle of prioritizing best-in-class solutions within the fitness industry is key for this partnership. The analogy comparing the fitness business to the human body, where passion represents the heart and finance symbolizes the nervous system, gains significance when applied to the emphasis on best-in-class fitness solutions.

These solutions act as the lifeblood, sustaining the entire operation and ensuring its vitality and longevity. A business ecosystem equipped with best-in-class fitness solutions highlights the importance of curating a diverse and top-tier range of fitness equipment, technology, and services. NovoFit provides fitness equipment and technology solutions to a broad market, from franchises to independent gyms. They emphasize the versatility and depth required to offer best-in-class fitness solutions.

Given the dynamic and evolving nature of the future of fitness, a commitment to excellence and a continuous pursuit of the best-in-class equipment and technology remains essential for catering to a diverse clientele.

Summing Up The Future of Fitness

These fitness industry insights provide a multi-faceted approach to fitness entrepreneurship with tools for success. Entrepreneurs must understand and utilize a demographic, financial acuity, strategic partnerships, and best-in-class fitness solutions. Strategic fitness partnerships can help businesses capitalize on the future by integrating digital fitness and fitness technology easily.

As we navigate this dynamic terrain, utilizing expert guidance can help to with accelerate adaptation, collaboration, and gain a holistic understanding of the multifaceted aspects of fitness and wellness. These insights serve not only as a guide for industry professionals but also as a source of inspiration for fostering innovation and resilience within the future of fitness.

Ready to learn how to take advantage of the Fitness Evolution by implementing these trends? Let us help you navigate the evolution of the fitness industry, help you utilize your data, and adopt virtual technology to develop your digital technology strategy. Email usINFO@WEXER.COM.

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