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As we emerge from lockdown, businesses have a unique opportunity to focus on employees’ mental health


Businesses may be re-opening, people may be starting to emerge from months of lockdown, but the impact of COVID-19 – financially, emotionally, logistically, mentally, even spiritually – will be felt for months, if not years, to come.

It is against this backdrop that employers are presented with a very special opportunity: to step up and play their part in safeguarding their employees’ mental health.

Meditation, mindfulness and mind-body classes are great tools in this respect, giving people a much-needed chance to unwind, breathe and let go of daily stresses. After such a physical and mental pummelling over recent months, these activities will have broad appeal. Gentle, kind, nurturing. Supportive of the immune system. Focused on the feelgood. Accessible even to those who have lost fitness during lockdown. An escape.

They are also very much achievable wherever your employees find themselves: at home, in the office, in the park on a sunny lunchtime. No need for extensive fitness equipment, or even space.

The big question is: where will you source your online wellbeing content, and how will your business put it into your team’s hands?

With a broad collection of holistic content that spans yoga, pilates, meditation, stretching and tai chi – not to mention the hundreds of on-demand fitness classes – the Wexer Web Player is the perfect solution.

This ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ platform, white labelled to your business, allows you to deliver world-class mental health support to your employees wherever they may be, accessed via their phones, laptops or tablets.

With over 130 mind-body and meditation classes from which to choose – starting from as little as five minutes’ duration – your new Web Player will give your employees the support they need, without the stress of worrying how to fit it in. Simply starting the day with a short mindfulness session, or ending a long day at a home desk with a stretch, are small choices that can boost mood immeasurably.

Small steps like these will also begin to establish a wellbeing habit that, over time, could evolve into a more extensive routine – something that can only benefit both the individual and your business.

Take this opportunity to show you care and you’ll sow the seeds of future success, ensuring you’re perceived by employees – both present and future – as a company that puts their health and wellbeing first.


To find out more about the Wexer Web Player, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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