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Having trouble sleeping? Let us tell you a specially created bedtime story….


Fitness isn’t only about movement. In fact, for maximum results, recovery is just as important as working out: the full benefits of training only come about when we intersperse our sessions with the correct dose of recovery.

And when it comes to recovery, of course, there’s nothing better than sleep. Sleep gives our bodies time to repair, rest and recover from our efforts and turn our hard work into tangible physical progress.

It doesn’t stop there, either, with research revealing the critical role that sleep plays in our every waking moment and every aspect of our health – from recovery, muscle repair and protein synthesis to weight management, diabetes, immunity and brain health.

Sleep is the new king of wellness!

Sleep-specific content

Yet in today’s fast-paced, always-connected world, a good night’s sleep often eludes us – even though that very same, high-pressure world makes sleep more important now than ever.

Wexer is therefore proud to launch a new sleep channel on its Web Player and mobile platforms, in collaboration with long-term partner Sweat Factor – a company headed up by Mike Donavanik, widely regarded as one of the most innovative, productive personalities in virtual fitness.

“In 2021, we launched Self Care by Sweat Factor – a predominantly audio guide-based series of self-care programmes designed to reset, refuel and restore both body and mind,” Donavanik explains.

“We felt it was important to now build on this with content specifically designed to improve people’s sleep, as the ultimate contributor to our holistic wellbeing.”

The channel – Sleep Stories by Sweat Factor – goes live across all Web Players from 1 June 2022. Featuring more than 15 videos to help you relax and fall asleep, the content falls into two categories:

Sleep Stories
These short, spoken stories are designed to calm a busy mind and help you relax, promoting your transition towards a peaceful sleep. Every story is narrated by a soothing voice and touches on various topics while also guiding you into a relaxed, sleepy state.

Think of all those calming, sleep-inducing background noises that always help your mind feel at rest, from falling rain to the sound of a campfire. Sweat Factor has put together a collection of these soundscapes for you to listen to, to help your mind switch off.

“Whether you choose a sleep story or a relaxing soundscape, it’s all about getting to sleep faster, sleeping more soundly and recovering more efficiently,” says Donavanik.

Holistic wellbeing support

“Quite simply, sleep is the fuel for peak performance in every aspect of life,” says Morten Andersen, Global Head of Content at Wexer. “If we want to live life to the fullest, whether at the gym, at work or with family and friends, we need good quality sleep.”

He adds: “So many people struggle to switch off at night, and I see great potential in using Sleep Stories by Sweat Factor to help overcome this. I’m thrilled to be adding this fantastic new channel to our growing collection of wellness content on the Wexer Web Player.

“We’re committed to supporting our users in every aspect of their fitness and wellbeing journeys, not only through a huge variety of workouts but also by providing world-class content that supports broader wellbeing, recovery and mental health.”

Find out more about Sleep Stories and the Wexer Web Player, contact us at info@wexer.com



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