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Introducing Mind123 – your new go-to for reliable wellness information


We’ve probably all done it during lockdown: gone for the daily walk we’ve been allowed to do, popped in our headphones and enjoyed a podcast while we got our steps in.

There’s been something about broadening our minds during lockdown, hasn’t there, devouring new information to keep ourselves mentally stimulated while we’ve been penned in physically.

And as part of this quest for knowledge, interest in wellness – already on the rise pre-COVID – has soared. Hardly surprising, given everything that’s been going on, but we’re all far more conscious of our wellbeing, our immunity, our physical and certainly also our mental health.

But with the proliferation of information available online, it isn’t always easy to know which so-called ‘expert’ to believe…

It’s against this backdrop that Wexer is launching a brand new channel – Mind123 – on its ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Web Player.

Created by the team behind Move123 – whose virtual classes have been a popular choice across the Wexer ecosystem for a number of years now – Mind123 is less about physical activity and movement, more about wellness education and coaching.

With a goal of helping people achieve all-round wellness, Mind123 content – all of which is video-based rather than audio podcasts – comes in easy-to-digest three-, six-, nine -and 12-minute films to make viewing easy at any time of day.

Crucially, the series brings together the world’s best experts to share education about health, fitness and wellness topics, with the library spanning six categories: Health, Nutrition, Beauty, Self, Wealth and Relationships.

“We’re seeing more and more demand for concise, informative pieces of content, and Mind123 delivers on this,” says Morten Andersen, global head of content for Wexer. “It makes important wellness education easily accessible to everyone, delivering it in bite-sized pieces.”

Launching initially with 30 pieces of content, and with plenty more to come, Wexer Web Player users will be able to explore topics as diverse as managing stress, intermittent fasting, skincare, debt and credit cards, dealing with change, the arrival of a first child, financial considerations during divorce, processed foods, and faking orgasm.

“The quality and scope of information available in the Mind123 education library is world-class and we’re excited to make this series available on the Wexer platform,” Andersen concludes.


For more information, please get in touch at info@wexer.com



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