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Introducing Self Care by Sweat Factor


With the rising interest in wellness and self-care, Wexer is delighted to announce the launch of a new Channel on the Wexer Web Player: Self Care by Sweat Factor.

Already a popular content provider in the area of short format HIIT workouts, the launch of its Self Care content introduces a calming yin to Sweat Factor’s already powerful yang.

Tapping into this new channel, users can enjoy a series of self-care programmes designed to reset, refuel and restore both body and mind, with each session lasting 15–30 minutes to ensure they’re easy to fit into everyday routines.

Most are audio-only guides – guided meditations, walks and movement – with many of the sessions suitable to do while you’re out on the park, in the gym or even driving. Indeed, while the mediations focus on the mind in a peaceful way, other programmes are more upbeat and include guidance on incorporating movement – both exercises and stretches.

For those unable to take time out in nature, some of the meditations and visualisations also offer video content in the form of landscapes, ocean views and other mood-setting imagery.

The new channel has already gone live with 10 Self Care by Sweat Factor programmes. A further 10 programmes are set to launch soon.


For more information about these classes, please get in touch at morten@wexer.com



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