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Spending too many hours sat at your desk? These new workout ‘snacks’ are the nourishment your body needs.


Popular content provider Sweat Factor continues to expand its range of programming on the Wexer Web Player and through our SDK and API solutions, with the launch of a new channel: Office Fit by Sweat Factor.

This new channel sits alongside Sweat Factor’s original HIIT workouts and the Self Care by Sweat Factor collection, which launched as a standalone channel on the Wexer platform last year.

Office Fit is designed to fight the bad habits the body can fall into when sitting at a desk all day long. The collection features ‘Desktop Pilates’ movements and exercises developed specifically to return the body to optimal posture, improving alignment and mobility and relieving the pain, aches and other issues caused by extended periods of desk work.

The collection has been conceived as a library of bite-sized, movement-based videos, with each lasting just two to six minutes and each having a very particular focus.

The idea is that, whether you’re working from home or the office, the movements can be used as bite-sized exercise ‘snacks’ throughout the day – brief interludes that can be easily squeezed into any schedule, whenever you’re feeling tight, lethargic or in need of an energy boost to get through the day.

They’re also great when you’re traveling and tight on space, for use during your active recovery days, or when you just need a quick and efficient movement break.

The Office Fit by Sweat Factor channel launches with 16 videos that cover a wide range of topics, all related to typical issues you might experience as a result of too much sedentary, desk-bound time. Themes include:

Posture and spinal movement – both seated and standing – for stretching out the back and reintroducing correct posture after hours of sitting.

Mobility work for stiff muscles and joints.

Release exercises to help loosen up tight spots.

‘Breathing Breaks’ – perfect for a relaxing and revitalising break from stress and deadlines.

Pilates- and barre-inspired work to strengthen the body – both seated and standing.

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